Leblanc Prestigious – The Making Of

Hi all!
After the making of of my Asuna costume was a big help for some of you out there I decided to do that for another of my costumes. This time I will show you how I made my latest costume – Leblanc (PRestigious skin) from League Of Legends.

Step 1 – Choosing the costume
A friend of mine wanted to do a LoL costume and asked if I would like to cosplay with her.  After some reseach on the characters, I listed my top 3 characters/outfis. I listed Leblanc cause I thought she would match my type nicely – I feel most comfortable when I cosplay more the elegant type of character and I think I can pull of this time best of all (in contrast I’m for example totally not the cute girl type).
My final decision was influenced by the amount of MONEY and TIME (please always mind these factors if you want to avoid a huge catastrophy XD) I would need to get all the stuff done.




Step 2 – Searching for materials
Most of the times I go for cotton fabrics whan I sew my costumes. They are always awesome to work with and they are washable and ironable. When I went to my favorite fabric outlet I planned to buy some thick cotton fabrics with a nice structure. For the coat I wanted a more viewable structure than for the corset. Touching a fabric before working with it is something very important for me. I get a better feeling how the costume will turn out in the end when I get my hands on the material. So I avoid online shops unless there is an opportunity to get samples of the fabrics before buying. Always with me: a reference picture!
Tip: It really doesn’t matter which reference pic you use… if you use an original one or a one that is ‚only‘ a fan art version. As long as you personally LIKE the colors you see!
I normally use more than one artwork as reference and just combine what I like most from all the pics. In the end it’s your costume and YOU should be happy with it.
As you can see on the picture below I chose a slightly grey-ish fabric for the corsage (I didn’t like white because the contrast to the the other colors was so big), a thick black cotton for the coat and the – like I named it – leg rag XD, a nice bright red for the lining of the coat and the red lines around it and a darker red fabric for the insode of the collar.
As you maybe recognize in the photo the right side of the bright red fabric has thin white stripes on it. But since the color was so perfect, I decided to use the left side of the red fabric. It’s always worth it to take a look at the left sides of the fabrics as well!



In total:
3m black cotton fabric
1,5meter grey fabric
3,5 meter bright red cotton fabric
70cm dark red fabric
1,5m interlining for corset and collar
50cm elastic band to sew the band that se’s wearing around her leg
1 meter of velcro
1 zipper for the corsage (had one at home)
clear snap buttons

Later I bought for the details and the staff:
1 glass of red fabric color
1 plastic flower
3 bigger buttons for the corset
4 smaller buttons for the sleeves – had these one at home
2 buttons for the backpart of the coat.
5 sheets of craft foam
1 glass of red and golden acrylic paint for the shoes
2 wooden rings for the details on her coat
1 meter of clear thread (used for jewelery)
3 meter of strong wire (3mm thick)

1 medium sheet Worbla’s Finest Art
1 bottle of woodglue
1,75cm roundwood

1 pair of red patent leather high heels
1 pair of white cotton gloves
1 zylinder hat
1 blue straight wig
1 package of stockings (for the stockings she is wearing on her left leg)
1 panty with shaping function (I wanted to have the perfect fitting in the end and for me that was the best option)
1 pair of support tights
1 pair of red contact lenses (yes, I chose red, explenation will follow later in the making of)

All in all I spent about 250 Euro for this costume.

Step 3 – Sewing

Before you start sewing you should always plan your steps. Don’t just start anywhere, think about what would make sense to sew first and what you need for several parts. Also think about patterns!
3a) The Corset
I started with the corset. I used a simple pattern for a corset without plastic bones. I wanted to get the right shape with interlining.
I copied the pattern on my fabric and the interface and lenghened it around 10 cm since I am quite a tall girl. I have to lenghten almost every pattern.

corsage 1
I sew everything together and tried to iron the interlining on it… and I didn’t like the result at all 😀

corsage 6

It was way too stiff… so I removed all the stuff and just used a second layer of fabric. And it was perfect!
I sewed in the zipper… a turquoise one since I didn’t have a white or grey one and also didn’t want to spent even more money on the costume. But you wouldn’t see the zipper anyway at the end, so I just used what I had at home.
To get the right shape of the bottom of the corset I put on my pants and the only stiched-together-with-needles-corset and drew on the shape with a pencil. then cut it and added the bias tape.

corsage 4
I used a special tool for the black bias tape. I was not too keen on buying some bias tape at a store since I wanted to use the same fabric that I would use for the coat. It worked brilliantly! I can definitely recomment that tool!

corsage 2
After I tried the corset one more time (I try everything a hundred times before sewing everything) I finally sewed the bias tape around my corset.

corsage 3
At some artworks you see a thin slightly darker line below the bias tape. Because I think „the more details – the better“, with a dark grey thread I sewed this line on my corset.
All that was left to do was adding the three buttons. I chose to add only three since I liked that look a lot more than the version with the 7 (or so) buttons from in-game.

And the first part of the costume was dooooone!

corsage 5

Up next: Leblancs coat. So stay tuned 🙂


About blackbutterflycosplay

My name is Kerstin and I am a Cosplayer from Germany. Since 2006 I love everything that comes along with my hobby - may it be sewing, doing different make up looks or photographing. If you are interested in my work as a cosplayer and not as a blogwriter, please follow: http://www.facebook.com/butterflydreams.cosplay
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